Dmitrijus Borisenka

 Dmitrijus Borisenka

Dmitrijus Borisenka, Co-Founder and CEO of CoinGate, has been tackling the crypto industry as both investor and blockchain evangelist since 2012.

An enthusiastic entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in multiple ventures, Dmitrijus possesses valuable knowledge, expertise and insights on leadership, forward-thinking and robust business acumen. These qualities allowed him to grow a successful crypto payments company and establish a team of nearly 40 people, taking CoinGate to the very top of the industry players’ list.

As of now, the company is taking huge leaps by expanding not only B2B but also B2C services, paving the way to ultimately create a universal crypto payment infrastructure and satisfy the needs of everyone keen to participate in decentralized economies.

Zoltan Tundik

After starting out as an affiliate in 2009 and developing some recognized review portals, I have moved deeper into journalism and media. My experience has lead me to move into the B2B sector and write about compliance updates and report around the happenings of the online and land based gaming sector.