Daniela Forsgård returns to Paf as a Member of the board

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Daniela Forsgård joins Paf as a new Member of the board, succeeding Birgitta Eriksson who has held the position for many years. She joins Paf from Optinova, where she served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), but she began her career at Paf as Group Controller in 2007. The following year she became Paf’s Head of Finance.

“It feels great to be back, it almost seems unreal,” says Daniela Forsgård, Member of the board.

She worked as Head of Finance at Paf for six years before being recruited by the Optinova Group. At Optinova, Daniela worked as CFO for nearly a decade before deciding to start her own business. Today, Daniela Forsgård works as a CFO consultant.

“Paf has changed and it is not the same company it was ten years ago, but the market is not the same either. It will be interesting to sit on the board and see how Paf operates today”

Paf’s strengths are clarity and honesty

With extensive experience from international companies, group management roles and finance, Daniela looks forward to tackling new challenges.

“It’s impressive to see how well prepared Paf has become to enter various markets. Paf’s strengths are clarity and honesty. It is an experienced company, and we will ensure that we are also financially prepared for a licensed Finnish market,” says Daniela Forsgård.

As CFO at Optinova, she also served as the board’s secretary and worked closely with Paf’s current Chairman of the Board, Jan-Mikael von Schantz, when he was chairman of Optinova.

“I appreciate Jan-Mikael’s approach of working on boards, so the decision was easy when I was asked if I was interested in a board position at Paf.”
“I look forward to meeting both new and familiar faces at Paf,” says Daniela Forsgård.

Paf’s board now consists of Chairman Jan-Mikael von Schantz and board members Denise Johansson, Gunnar Westerlund, Daniela Forsgård, and Roger Nordlund.

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