Americans favour sports betting: A new poll

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A poll conducted by the Seton Hall Sports Poll shows that up to 55% the American public wants to legalise betting on sports event. However, about 48% of the respondents also opined that the industry would negatively impact the integrity of sports events.

The poll was conducted telephonically, over landlines and cell phones, in which 736 randomly selected people across the US has participated. The margin of error is estimated to be 3.7 per cent. The poll asked people whether they feel that sports betting should be controlled by each state or by the federal government, and 62 per cent said that it should be under state control.

Rick Gentile, director of the poll, which is sponsored by the Sharkey Institute, said: “It’s outrageous when you think about it. It comes close to saying. We don’t care about the legitimacy of the games, what matters is being able to bet on them. A majority favours gambling, and by a slimmer margin think the games might be fixed as a result.”


Source: European Gaming Industry News

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