ARJEL to launch a social media campaign about prevention during the Football World Cup

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With the occasion of the Football World Cup, ARJEL has initiated a campaign on social media. Streaming under the motto “Betting must remain a game” the campaign focuses on prevention.

The online gaming market has seen an impressive growth without any weaken since 2012 and the craze for sports betting is confirmed.

In a recent Press Release, ARJEL has announced the intention of their latest campaign, which comes in accordance with the growing of sports betting. ARJEL highlights that this movement focuses mainly on three disciplines – football, tennis, basketball – and is based on a French tradition: the taste for sporting events and the enthusiastic support for teams or personalities who hold high values associated with the sport such as surpassing oneself, respect for others and a taste for effort.

These good results are a satisfaction; they reinforce the legalized market in France, which is more protective with players and as far as sports betting is concerned, validate the strategy of a selective offer that limits the manipulation risks.

There is, however, a counterpart that must be addressed: the risk of development for problem gambling. For the regulator, the concern is constant; it becomes even more important as the number of players multiplies and the stakes increase. This comes especially during huge sporting events, such as the Football World Cup.

To cope, ARJEL, wants to reach out via a communication campaign on social networks for all sports bettors, newbies and experts.

This is done via short prevention messages and a mini-series in five episodes aired from June 15, the campaign recalls a few simple rules so that “Betting must remain a game”, with pleasure and without excesses.

This communication initiative is a continuation of the policy which the President of the ARJEL, Charles Coppolani, had placed, as soon as he took office in 2014. He has placed the prevention of excessive gambling at the top of his priorities. It is based on the desire to arouse the player’s early awareness to better risk control.

By launching the campaign, ARJEL hopes that it will be widely relayed on social networks and salutes the work of the audiovisual creation agency Goodseed Productions for its creativity and the relevance of its achievements.


Source: European Gaming Industry News

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