Denmark to Introduce New Digital ID Rules in July

Denmark to Introduce New Digital ID Rules in July

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Denmark will introduce new rules regarding electronic ID for online gambling on 1 July, announced Spillemyndigheden, the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA).

MitID, Denmark’s new digital identification scheme, will finally phase out the country’s current system, NemID, this summer.

This has been in place for over a decade and is used to access online banking, government websites and certain digital services, such as online gambling. But NemID, which translates to EasyID in English, will soon be phased out, to be replaced by MitID: MyID.

This has been developed by the Danish government, in partnership with the private sector, to satisfy new security requirements and incorporate more advanced technology.

Operators will be required to transition to MitID, though the DGA has said a short grace period until NemID is phased out will grant licensees some time to switch.

It said: “The Danish Gambling Authority notes that it is possible to use both NemID and MitID until NemID is phased out, which means that licence holders will have a period to implement the changes that MitID requires.”

This change has been made necessary by an update to section 7 of Executive Order no. 1274 and Executive Order no. 1276, which cover online casino and online betting respectively.

These both state that “the electronic ID must be an electronic ID from a Danish national identification scheme, or an electronic ID approved by the Danish Gambling Authority.”

MitID was originally scheduled to launch in May 2021, but was delayed. The DGA said it will publish a newsletter and update its guide on betting and online casino “as soon as possible.”

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