Game ON Mid Sweden Takes Mentorship to the Next Level

Game ON Mid Sweden Takes Mentorship to the Next LevelReading Time: 2 minutes


Innovative Skill-Up Program gets support from leading industry lights from all over the world and big names including Sega, Ubisoft & Dice

Mid Sweden’s newest gaming hub, rapidly making its mark on the international stage, today revealed top names from leading global game companies who are flocking to support one of Europe’s most exciting upskilling opportunities for prospective game industry employees. Mentors from Ubisoft, Paradox Interactive, and Sega are amongst the first to bring their expertise to Game ON’s ambitious Skill-Up participants. The impressive roster of industry mentors continues to grow, offering unparalleled expertise and unique insights to the Game ON programme.

Mentors, including industry giant Ubisoft, will supply invaluable industry insight, feedback, and support throughout the year. With a host of experienced people leading this programme the participants are in a unique position where the mentors can directly advise on all aspects of how to develop a career within the gaming industry, whether that be business development, marketing, pitching, and other key areas for a successful game development strategy.

A large part of the success of Game ON Mid Sweden can be attributed to Patty Toledo, the irrepressible leader of the program who has tapped into her international network to recruit some of the best mentors in the industry: “Mid Sweden is the most up and coming area for the games industry, and to get the support from such innovative companies, on a global scale, to participate in the Skill-Up program amplifies to the rest of the world that mid-Sweden is now on the map”, said Toledo.. “The SkillUp program is the most comprehensive program that mid-Sweden has to offer,  consolidating future thriving careers in Sweden’s growing games industry, and taking them to the next level.”

Game ON is a huge attraction for international participants who are looking for a breath of fresh air after a year of industry turmoil. The beautiful area of Västernorrland offers the perfect place to invest in individual development and contribute to the thriving Swedish economy. This rapidly growing gaming hub will undoubtedly attract participants that recognise the great potential that mid-Sweden has to offer for the gaming industry, and who are determined to gain more knowledge and experience within this $180 billion industry.

With Game ON’s new pool of mentors, they have the opportunity to teach and train the future of prospective games industry talent and will contribute enormously to the future of gaming. For candidates, the wealth of knowledge that mentors are looking to pass down is an invaluable opportunity, and undoubtedly an opportunity they will seize with both hands.

Game ON, mid-Sweden’s new creative and innovative non-profit project, grew from a desire to make waves within the gaming industry and build tangible opportunities in Vasternorrland. The popular creative hub is forging a name for mid-Sweden in international markets, as mentors are joining from all over the world to provide education, resources, and creatives from within the games industry.  The main objective of the mentors is to advise, provide and inspire the program’s participants, catapulting them into success in the gaming sector, and allowing them to thrive within their new areas of expertise.

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