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Latvian initiative roots for a ban on gambling halls

By hawkie_eeg

Dec 03 2018

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Latvian initiative roots for a ban on gambling hallsReading Time: 1 minute


A new initiative of New Conservative Party’s (JKP) that advocates a ban on gambling halls in Latvia is gaining initiatives.

The initiative specifically demands ban on gambling halls in the whole territory, except for luxury-class hotels. It calls for amendments to the Gambling Law.

The plan published by the new initiative terms the gambling situation in Latvia is critical and amendments should be adopted immediately. However, the plan offers for a five-year transition period.

The initiative provides clear-cut stats: € 99 million were lost by gamblers in the gambling halls, € 7 million in land-based casinos at gaming tables, € 18 million in online casinos.

However, some quarters also warn of the consequences of closing down gambling halls: the ban of land-based gambling could lead to mushrooming online gambling websites, which poses a different set of problems.

Source: European Gaming Industry News

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