Lithuania Gambling Supervisory Authority to Apply for New Enforcement Powers

Lithuania Gambling Supervisory Authority to Apply for New Enforcement PowersReading Time: < 1 minute


The Lithuania Gambling Supervisory Authority is going to apply to the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court to grant it the power to block access and payments to unlicensed gambling sites.

If the regulator be granted the powers, it will be able to issue orders to the internet service providers (ISPs) to block unlicensed sites and force payment processors to cease all transactions with these businesses.

This would bring the Authority in line with the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission (LRTK), which can already order ISPs to prevent citizens from accessing illegal content.

The Law on Gambling of the Republic of Lithuania already allows the Authority to take measures against illegal operators, through the creation of its online gaming blacklist. However, to have access to these sites blocked, the regulator currently has to have the blocking order approved by the Vilnius court.

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