Official public sale of BestMeta tokens start on April 23

Official public sale of BestMeta tokens start on April 23Reading Time: 3 minutes

The important stage in the development of BestMeta is a public sale that starts 23 of April. This is the final stage of ICO and one more step towards the full implementation of the project.


BestMeta is the first decentralized gaming environment. Using blockchain BestMeta team boosts the market of video games providing direct and transparent access for gamers to support and engage with the projects they like through tokenized ecosystem.

The team confidently approached it, having done a great job of developing its platform, establishing important partnership relations and a very professional approach to its progress and promotion. A significant point was the changing in the size of soft cap, when it will be increased to $5 million, due to the high interest in the project from potential investors and the team’s confidence in collecting the required amount.

All this showed the determination of the team to move to new goals from the privat sale stage, and 3 762 245 (BMT) BM tokens have already been sold at presale stage of ICO, which is equivalent to $2 257 347. The initial declared size of soft cap is exceeded before the stage of public sale.

It should be noted that the team over the past few months has made a qualitative leap in its development. Joining the team of a whole group of professionals is the result of faith in the product and a new word in the gaming industry based on blockchain.

The new CEO of BestMeta is Michele Pes, this is a well-known personality in the e-Sports and gaming industry. Major e-Sports talents were brought onboard, Vincent “Deathsie” Chu, the star of Ginx Esports TV’s The Bridge.

The advisors like – Roderick Chia, is the Founder of rodVENTURE as well as Managing Director and General Partner for IDM Venture Capital (currently known as Massa Group), Andrew Tayo (QTS) is a blockchain consultant, investor, writer and founder of JustATC, a successful digital marketing agency, Maxim Matveyko is one of the prosperous participants and developers of the Wargaming project in the Asian market – these are the participants who are highly qualified in the industry, whose skills is already in some degree a guarantee of successful development of the project.

Speaking about the level of partnership with the leading participants of the e-Sports market, it is necessary to remind about the partnership with the ZDF Digital channel which is one of the four national public broadcasters in Germany along with ARD, Deutsche Welle and Deutschlandradio. This is a strategic partnership for BestMeta, because it is a source with more than 80 million subscribers base in the largest market in Europe for gaming & e-Sports.

BestMeta is the first of its kind platform for creating the next-generation cybersport ecosystem. In this ecosystem, stars, enthusiasts and gifted industry members have the opportunity to generate a tokenization of their own brand through direct and equal interaction with the fan base. The platform provides the function of issuing talents to branded credit talent tokens, as well as personalized tokens, which they can then offer to purchase a base of fans in exchange for exclusive services, content and projects.

Talent Token Credits (TTC) can be obtained through platform on its internal exchange where members of the community have opportunity to purchase any TTC in exchange for BMT tokens (BestMeta tokens, BestMeta Token), which are standard currency in the BestMeta ecosystem. Tokens BMT will probably be purchased on external exchange or exchange platforms.

The device of the BestMeta platform will allow achieve transparency and accountability for the e-Sports ecosystem that will promote the development of long-term the between the talents of the world e-Sports and the community of fans, acquiring personalized.

(Personalized Talent Tokens, PTT) or talent tokens (Talent Token Credits, TTC).

ICO BestMeta is a chance to change cyber-reality

Source: European Gaming Industry News

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