Sweden raps media outlets over gambling ads

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Lotteriinspektionen, the gambling regulator of Sweden, has warned 39 digital media outlets for publishing advertisements of international gambling companies.

This incident shows Sweden is serious in its approach to regulate gambling advertising. The warning was issued for publishing clickable ads that would lead to international gambling websites.

The regulator ordered the websites to remove the ads that have links that direct customers to lottery operators based outside Sweden.

It especially focused on lottery operations but also considered other types of operations. All the ads seem to be from abroad, where Swedish media’s most active advertising clients come from.

The Lotteriinspektionen is leading a war on unauthorised gaming operators and Marcus Aronsson, the man behind it, explained that the body’s intention is to force media outlets “to comply with the law, which will put illegal ads to an end.”

The upcoming online market liberalisation, coming next January, is set to allow international operators to be able to apply for local licences as of August 1st. It will also allow locally licensed companies to advertise with local media but, according to Aronsson, the prosecution of illegal advertising is important even as the new scheme is being developed.

Source: focusgn.com

Source: European Gaming Industry News

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