Ukraine: Record Lottery Jackpot Won

Ukraine: Record Lottery Jackpot WonReading Time: 1 minute

One lucky Ukrainian hit 7 numbers and won 18 million Ukrainian grivnas UAH (589 313 Euros). information about the record jackpot was published on the official website of the local lottery operator. This jackpot being a record winning for Ukrainian lotteries.

So far, 8 million grinis was considered the biggest lottery winning – a jackpot was hit in December last year. The lottery of this kind is held twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday. It can be attended by every adult Ukrainian.
It’s worth mentioning about one more recent lottery winning which could make the player 6 million UAH richer. However, a woman from Kyiv who has purchases 3 lottery tickets (each with the winning of 2 million UAH) failed to prove her rights for the winning in the court.

It appeared that there was a mistake made by the printing company. Thus, all lottery tickets of the kind were cancelled as printing defect.

Source: European Gaming Industry News