Ukraine removes M.S.L. and Patriot from sanctions lists

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Ukrainian lottery operators M.S.L. and Patriot have been withdrawn from country’s sanctions lists. The updated list, with the details of persons and entities, is available on the Ukrainian president’s website.

M.S.L appeared for the third time straight in the sanctions lists in 2017. Company shareholders began the initiative for the Security Service of Ukraine to start criminal proceedings and conduct an investigation into the establishment of facts and actions that could be grounds for applying sanctions to the operator, Interfax reported.

In September 2015, Ukrainian authorities slapped sanctions against M.S.L. and Patriot, as both operators were subject to five types of sanctions, including preventing the withdrawal of capital from Ukraine and blocking assets. The proceedings were closed in March 2017 and no violations were found.

The lists include persons and entities who fall under personal specific economic and restrictive measures, such as sanctions, has been published this week in the President’s website. There are currently 1748 individuals and 756 legal entities that fall under that list, approximately 500 more individuals and 300 more legal entities than the ones that were registered in 2017.

Source: FocusGamingNews

Source: European Gaming Industry News

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