Veikkaus to Maintain €500 Loss Limit Until End of 2020

Veikkaus to Maintain €500 Loss Limit Until End of 2020Reading Time: < 1 minute


The Finnish Ministry of Interior has announced that the €500 loss limit set for certain Veikkaus games in May will be now kept in place until the end of the year.

Players were subject to a €2000 monthly cap and a €1000 weekly loss limit until May 1, when a €500 monthly and weekly cap on maximum losses was introduced to protect players from gambling unsustainably during the novel coronavirus crisis. The higher limit was originally intended to be restored on October 1. Instead, a new order that keeps the reduced loss limits in place until the end of the year.

“Maximum loss limits were lowered due to the pandemic. The aim was to improve the prevention and reduction of gambling-related harm in a situation where time spent at home increased due to the restrictions and recommendations in force at the time, and the lack of physical slot machine and casino gaming opportunities could shift gaming to Veikkaus’ online gaming service,” the Ministry said.

“Although restrictions have been lifted, the coronavirus situation may still be associated with the risks of excessive gambling. Monitoring and research on problem gambling suggests that, in the short term or on individual occasions, the loss of large sums is more often associated with problem gambling than high consumption over a longer period of time,” the Ministry added.

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