AS Roma Football Club Scores Big with Egnyte

AS Roma Football Club Scores Big with EgnyteReading Time: 3 minutes

Modernising Infrastructure and Creating Secure Collaboration for Their Global Organisation


MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, July 25, 2018 — Egnyte, the leading provider of secure content collaboration and compliant data protection, today announced the deployment of their award-winning platform to the AS Roma football club. AS Roma is using the Egnyte platform to modernise their infrastructure as they move to the cloud, creating secure collaboration across their entire organization.

Headquartered in Trigoria, Roma, with employees throughout Europe, North America, and Asia (and over 87 million fans worldwide), AS Roma is the definition of a global organization. As a SaaS-based platform that was built for businesses from the ground up, Egnyte understands the challenges associated with collaborating in distributed workforces and was able to show an immediate impact on the AS Roma organisation.

“Egnyte came in and transformed the way we approached collaboration across every department, from sales and marketing to operations and IT, making us more mobile and more efficient than we’ve ever been before,” said Fabrizio Preti, Chief Technology Officer at AS Roma. “Egnyte has also significantly improved our security, giving us the visibility and control to make sure the right people have access to the right content at all times. When it comes to a complete solution, there is no other platform out there that provides both the performance and the protection that Egnyte does.”

AS Roma chose Egnyte over other competing vendors for their ability to deliver:

Hybrid performance – AS Roma can maintain fast, local access with on-premises infrastructure, which is also used for file backup. Simultaneously, they utilise the cloud to provide remote access for traveling employees such as sales and marketing members who need to be highly collaborative on the go.

Enterprise-grade security – Egnyte provides complete end-to-end encryption – in transit and at rest in respective storage environments. In addition, Egnyte’s password-protected link feature allows the AS Roma team to share their most sensitive content anywhere in the world, ensuring only those with the proper credentials can access the content.

Permission-based sharing – AS Roma wanted to make permissions as granular as possible, all the way down to the sub folder level. Egnyte allows IT to centrally manage permissions from the top level all the way down to the individual file level, providing the best permissions model on the market. Egnyte’s real-time auditing gives their IT department complete visibility of all user and file activity.

User Experience – One of the most important asks, AS Roma needed a solution that their employees would be willing to adopt. The intuitive interface of Egnyte is easy-to-use and provides a seamless desktop and mobile experience across Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Maximising adoption was important for ROI, but also important for combating Shadow IT.

“We take a lot of pride in creating meaningful relationships with the organisations we work with, really partnering with them to make sure we have a complete understanding of their pain points and their needs so that we can create solutions that have a valuable impact on their business,” said Rajesh Ram. “That was truly on display here with AS Roma, a professional soccer club with a rich history and a lot on the line in terms of their brand and their content. Our team was able to come in and really transform the way they thought about collaboration and security, being more flexible without having to relinquish the control and protection they needed. This is the kind of partnership we love at Egnyte, where everyone comes away a winner.”

With today’s announcement, AS Roma joins a number of other industry-leading international brands working with Egnyte, including: Red Bull, NASDAQ, Yamaha, and many more. Recently AS Roma agreed a three-year deal with Betway.

WATCH: See how Egnyte has transformed the way AS Roma collaborates in this video.

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About Egnyte
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About AS Roma
Three times winner of Serie A, Italy’s premiere club football competition, AS Roma is one of the world’s best loved teams. Boasting over 87 million fans, AS Roma has a huge following in its native Italy, and is one of the best supported teams across the world.


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