Better Collective: Notice to convene annual general meeting

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The board of directors of Better Collective A/S (the “Company”) hereby convenes the annual general meeting to be held on Tuesday 26 April 2022 at 14.00 pm CET at the Company’s offices, Toldbodgade 12, 1253 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

Better Collective offers its shareholders the opportunity to participate in the annual general meeting via webcast provided, however, that shareholders who choose to do so will not have the possibility to cast their vote during the annual general meeting or ask questions. Such shareholders are encouraged to exercise their voting rights by postal vote or proxy and to submit questions to the agenda and other documents for the general meeting to the Company in advance.


  1. Appointment of Chair of the general meeting.
  2. The board of directors’ report on the activities of the Company during the past financial year.
  3. Presentation of the audited annual report and the consolidated financial statements for the financial year 2021 for adoption.
  4. Resolution on the appropriation of profits as recorded in the approved annual report.
  5. Resolution to grant discharge of liability to members of the board of directors and the executive management.
  6. Presentation of the remuneration report for 2021 for advisory vote.
  7. Election of members of the board of directors, including the Chair of the board of directors.
  8. Approval of the board of directors’ remuneration for the current financial year.
  9. Election of auditor and determination of remuneration for the auditor.
  10. Any proposals from the board of directors or the shareholders
    1. Proposal to authorise the board of directors to increase the share capital of the Company.
    2. Proposal to authorise the board of directors to acquire treasury shares.
    3. Proposal to authorise the board of directors to increase the share capital of the Company by issue of convertible loan instruments.
    4. Proposal to amend the Company’s articles of association and appoint a Vice Chair of the board of directors.
    5. Proposal to amend the remuneration policy.
    6. Proposal to pay the share component of the board remuneration for the financial year 2021 in cash.
  11. Proposal on authorisation to the Chair of the meeting.

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