BOS Welcomes Tightened Rules for Granting Credit and Introduction of Swedish Debt Register

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The Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS) has submitted its reply to the Ministry of Justice on the inquiry “Strengthened consumer protection against risky lending and over-indebtedness” (SOU 2023:38).

In the inquiry, a stricter regulatory framework is proposed with a ban on third parties promoting the granting of credit for gambling. It is also suggested that Sweden should introduce a debt register.

BOS is positive about all proposals in the investigation with bearing on the gambling market.

“It is in the interest of the licensed gambling companies that gambling consumers do not spend more money than they can afford. Gambling shall offer excitement, joy and entertainment in safe and secure forms. Gambling should not lead to financial worry or vulnerability. Our member companies have no interest in directly or through agents encouraging their customers to gamble on credit. Therefore, we welcome the proposals in the inquiry that have bearing on the gambling market,” Gustaf Hoffstedt, General-Secretary of BOS, said.

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