Codeta Unveiled Skill Score Feature

Codeta Unveiled Skill Score FeatureReading Time: 1 minute

Betting group Codeta launched a new Skill Score feature that will allow players to be ranked on leaderboards for games such as blackjack to allow them to compare to other players.

A player’s Skill Score is determined by the two factors that have the most impact on their performance – the ability to win big and to keep winning over time.

For the purpose of Skill Score, Codeta has named these factors dedicated wins and big wins. Dedicated wins are calculated as a ratio between wins and losses, while big wins summarise earned payout-ratios.

Skill development is a big part of why players engage with live table games, and Skill ScoreTM enables them to keep track of their progress while also competing with other players.

Skill ScoreTM allows us to better engage our players and communicate with them on a regular basis. If we see they are performing well at blackjack but not so well at roulette, we can send them tutorials to help improve their roulette skills, for example.

Skill ScoreTM really sets us aside from our rivals, and allows us to offer added value to our players. Our brand promise is to capture the skill and thrill of table games, and Skill ScoreTM is just one way we are able to offer this.” – commented on the product launch Codeta Co-Founder Edward Ihre said,

Skill Score is available now at casinos that use Codeta software.

Source: European Gaming Industry News

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