Dash eyes expansion in Mexico

Dash eyes expansion in MexicoReading Time: 1 minute

The falling crypto-currency entity Dash, ranked 14th amidst top cryptocurrencies, is eying massing expansion in the gambling markets of Mexico. The Dash Core Group announced an aggressive growth strategy in Mexico through credit cards, gaming and Mexican workers abroad.

“Mexico in particular started to stick out for us,” said Bradley Zastrow, DCG’s Head of Business Development.  “Over 90 per cent of the inbound remittances are coming from a single point of origin, the US, and we know we’ve got probably the best and most complete infrastructure in that market.”

In addition, Dash’s existing relationships in the country, along with a regional office in Mexico City, offer advantages in developing Mexican partnerships.

The pivot complements simultaneous developments in the hemisphere, particularly in South America. The Dash DAO has voted to fund developments in Latin America, and has established a partnership with Brazil’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

But the brightest spot was Venezuela, where Digital Cash experiences more use than all other cryptocurrencies combined. More than 800 Venezuelan merchants now accept Dash, and DCG is entertaining the idea of hiring a country manager to supplement the work of local groups and facilitate simpler payments.

“We’re launching a partner at the end of August which will result in a device that not only wraps three international partners into a larger solution for both Venezuela and Latin America at large, but also provides a physical asset that can help the community with adoption and scale on the ground,” Zastrow said.


Source: cryptobriefing.com / Andrew Ancheta

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