Derry’s new amusement permits policy under scrutiny

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In the Northern Irish city of Derry, a new policy regarding the granting of amusement arcade permits has captured public attention after a judge reversed a council decision to refuse a permit for a location there.

According to the reports on news website Derry Now, an application to open an amusement arcade lodged by Oasis Retail Services had been refused but subsequently reversed in the court of appeal in June 2017.

A meeting of local councillors saw a drafted new policy on amusement permits presented, which the council hoped would benefit future applications and decisions.

It features criteria such as suitability of location, impact on retail vitality, proximity to residential use and the proximity to schools, youth centres and residential institutions.

The councillors agreed to approve the commencement of a public consultation exercise with key stakeholders on the draft Amusement Permit Policy.

Source: European Gaming Industry News