DOGA Chief Executive on the Future of Denmark’s Gaming Code

DOGA Chief Executive on the Future of Denmark's Gaming CodeReading Time: 2 minutes


Morten Ronde discusses the impact of new legislation with

The Danish Gaming Code of Conduct went into effect on July 2019, and since its implementation, has caused a significant change in the fortunes of many online wagering entities, including online casinos, slots sites and marketing agencies.

With the expressed aim of “strengthening consumer protection and ensuring gambling does not evolve from entertainment to addiction,” the new regulation covers everything from advertising rules to self-exclusion options.

And while all operators have implemented the “Reality Check” pop-up which tells players how much time and money they’ve spent, according to DOGA CEO Morten Ronde, “restrictions on the volume of advertisements” have still not become the reality.

“If we do not come up with a swift and appropriate response, politicians will take matters into their own hands – just like they have done in Italy,” he warned.

At the same time, Ronde also expressed concern that Denmark might witness more operators packing things up and leaving the market should further restrictions come into place.

Mr. Ronde was, however, optimistic regarding the future of regulation in other Nordic countries. “I think that over time it will be obvious to the local governments in Finland and Norway that open licensing of gambling products is the best way to keep control of the gambling market and to protect the consumers.”

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About Morten Ronde

Morten Ronde is the current Chief Executive of the Danish Online Gambling Association and is one of the parties involved in the drafting and implementation of the January 2019 Danish Gaming Code of Conduct.

Before joining the Danish Online Gambling Association, Morten earned a Master of Law degree from Copenhagen University and spent a dozen years as legal adviser to the Danish State Lottery.

Morten was appointed CEO of the Danish Online Gambling Association in December 2011.

After starting out as an affiliate in 2009 and developing some recognized review portals, I have moved deeper into journalism and media. My experience has lead me to move into the B2B sector and write about compliance updates and report around the happenings of the online and land based gaming sector.