Enlabs launching a new brand in Latvia

Enlabs launching a new brand in Latvia
Enlabs launching a new brand in LatviaReading Time: 2 minutes


Enlabs introduces a new prime brand called Laimz. The new brand is launched in Latvia on Enlabs new proprietary gaming platform.

Laimz is a modern, fresh, local brand focused on fun and entertainment. The name Laimz is a combination of the word Laime meaning luck in Latvian and ending ”z” which resonates with modern and trendy, and also plays with the word for lime fruit – from which the logotype heritage. Laimz will offer a gender-neutral mobile-first casino and bingo product, something completely new to the Latvian market.

“Laimz is a very important milestone for Enlabs. Our previous growth story was based on acquisitions and development of existing brands. Laimz is our first fully inhouse developed brand. We strongly believe that now is the best time to present a quintessence of our technical, product and marketing experience. We strongly believe we have several unique selling points with this brand, and that it will fit very well into our multibrand strategy. The Laimz brand is a great challenge we now will take on, and prove to ourselves that we once again can repeat success!” says Dainis Niedra, Managing Director of CEE.

“We launch our new brand on the Latvian market first for a very obvious reason – Latvia is our largest market and it is where Enlabs was the first operator granted an online license. So this our playground where we do field tests on new concepts, ideas and products. We thoroughly analysed the market and wanted to design a refreshing offering with a clear market fit. The casino vertical represents more than 72% of the Latvian online gaming market, and show the highest growth among all the product verticals. We will also be the first operator to offer bingo to the market, and there are long time retail bingo traditions in Latvia. That’s how the Laimz Casino & Bingo concept was born.” comments George Ustinov, CEO.

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