eSports in Hungary, Puskás Akadémia FC launches eSports team

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Puskás Ferenc Labdarugó Akadémia, commonly known as Puskás Akadémia FC or simply Puskás Akadémia have recently founded their eSports team. The Academy is part of the 11v11 FIFA Pro Club, has a NB I (national championship – first class) footballer in the team (Péter Szakály)  and it’s unique in Hungary.

The creation of the online team is the direct result of the genuine friendship which was formed from the virtual world of football. The eSports crew has finished last weekend’s finals and is now in the first class division. On March 11(on Sunday), the team will face MTK, for the cup win. As a plus, they now have the right to go enter the European League.

In an environment which has over 650k  teams, the Puskás eSport team is ranked among the top 10,000. The essence of the team work is that the players show their skills in the virtual world just as they would in reality on the field. It’s the online mapping of real football and this wave is catching on really fast among European football clubs. You can see clubs such as Valencia, Sevilla, PSG, Manchester City, West Ham United or Wolfsburg opting to have esports teams.

In Hungary, in addition to the Puskás Academy, MTK, Debrecen and Diosgyor have launched an e-team this season, but Puskás Academy are the only ones with a first class national championship football player and he is Péter Szakály, the player of Puskás Academy.


Source: European Gaming Industry News

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