Hajper teams up with ambassador Patric Persson to support Musikhjälpen

Hajper teams up with ambassador Patric Persson to support MusikhjälpenReading Time: 2 minutes


Hajper, one of ComeOn Group’s most successful brands, have teamed up with ambassador and Padel enthusiast Patric Persson in a grandiose effort to raise money for this year’s Musikhjälpen.

Musikhjälpen is a Swedish donation drive that takes place every year in December and aims to shed light on a current humanitarian crisis. Padel profile Patric Persson, also front figure of Hajper, has set up his own donation drive that aims to raise 1 million SEK this year. Musikhjälpens theme this year is “A world without child labor” where the core message is that every child deserves a safe childhood. The organisation reports that child labor is continously increasing and has about 160 million reported cases where children are forced to work. With the efforts and donations coming through Musikhjälpen, the organisation hope to contribute to free schooling and pave way for children staying in school, which is the way to decrease child labor. The funds will be used to educate and influence children and parents but also authorities and governments in affected areas to increase the knowledge around child labor.

ComeOn Group and Hajper has taken an active stand to support the cause as a part of their global Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. In relation to the donation drive there will be an event on the 17th of December sponsored by Hajper, joined by 32 famous profiles ranging from former national football team players such as Andreas Isaksson and Johan Olsson, DJ’s like John de Sohn and Entrepreneurs such as the founder of Icaniwill and Clean, Gustaf Ollas and Hugo Rosas but also player profiles and poker legends. The event is a Padel tournament as all the participating profiles are equally enthusiastic in the sport as Patric Persson, which lays well as the event will be taking place at Ultimate Padel in Upplands Väsby, Stockholm. The whole event will be streamed live and can be accessed through Patric Persson’s YouTube.

Last year Musikhjälpen raised 48 million SEK in total. This year Hajper will double all individual donations made during the live stream event through Patric’s donation drive up to 500 000 SEK. This means that if the donation drive reaches 500 000 SEK and over, the event will contribute more than 1 million SEK in total. If Musikhjälpen manages to raise the same total amount as last year, that 1 million donation will equal more than 2% of the total money raised.

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