iGaming Market keeps growing in Spain

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Spain’s revenues of the online gaming market, or GGR, for the first quarter has touched 163.3 million euros. The figure, while drop of 5.69 per cent when compared to the just previous quarter, is an increase of 28.85 per cent when compared to that of the corresponding period in 2017.

This is shown by the data published by the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ), in its report on the online gaming sector, which also indicates that the betting segment has a growth rate over the same quarter of the previous year of 15.89 per cent, with some restraint compared to what was experienced in previous years (20.38 per cent in 2015, 30.33 per cent in 2016 and 20.48 per cent in 2017).

The growth is due exclusively to the counterpart sports bets, both conventional bets that grow 13.35 per cent, and live bets with growth of 18.84 per cent.

Bingo has also experienced growth this quarter with an annual variation rate of 29.87 per cent. This keeps the trend that began in 2016, a quarter in which there was a 9.80 per cent growth that remained in 2017 with a growth of 23.10 per cent.

In the casino segment, the highest growth occurred in the first quarter of 2018 with an annual variation rate of 51.02 per cent. This situation occurs since 2015 with annual growth rates in the first quarter of 38.62 per cent in 2015; 105.04 per cent in 2016; 49.00 per cent in 2017. This growth is mainly due to the behaviour of the machines of chance since its launch in production in 2015 and has led to increasingly higher market shares of the casino compared to the rest of the segments.

Competitions experience a drop of 80.20 per cent in the annual variation rate. This segment exhibits an irregular behaviour with annual variation rates in the first quarter of −47.91 per cent in 2015; 88.53 per cent in 2016; −37.83 per cent in 2017. The overall result is that the market share of the competitions with respect to the rest of the segments is decreasing.

The poker presents this first quarter behaviour somewhat different from previous years, since with an annual variation rate of 41.59 per cent for the first time achieved a growth close to the rest of the games. This seems to reverse the downward trend of previous years already weakly started in the first quarter of 2017 (the annual variation rates in the first quarter were −5.00 per cent in 2015, −12.03 per cent in 2016, and 2. 51 per cent in 2017).

In all the years a better behaviour of the tournament poker is observed than of the cash poker. In this first quarter there was a positive rate for the first time in both the cash game (29.95 per cent) and the tournament game (50.23 per cent).

Marketing spending in the quarter was 76.26 million euros, with an annual growth of 35.79 per cent and broken down into affiliate expenses € 6.26 million; € 3.16 million sponsorship; promotions 25.39; and advertising € 41.45 million.

The monthly average of active users is 796,331, which implies a growth of 24.36 per cent with respect to the same quarter of the previous year. The monthly average of the new registers is 267,856 users, with an annual growth of 27.87 per cent.


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Source: European Gaming Industry News

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