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It’s Time to Embrace Provably Fair Casino Games

Technology is constantly revolutionizing casino gaming. It seemed like the internet was only reaching its peak when the mobile wave came along, and the mobile wave was only reaching its peak when new technologies like AI and blockchain burst onto the scene.

So far, the iGaming business has been slower to utilize these new technologies than it was the previous ones. Sure, there are plenty of casinos that accept Bitcoin, such as those reviewed on gamblers pro, but that’s only scratching the surface of how this revolutionary technology can change casino gaming for good.

The slow uptake has probably been partly caused by the complexity of this technology by comparison to the previous ones. However, one we should all be excited about is the ability to run Provably Fair Games and eliminate dishonest casinos for good.


What Are Provably Fair Casino Games?

Provably Fair Games make use of a Bitcoin-specific technology called hashing. Essentially, in PFG’s, players get to generate a random seed number and insert it into the game algorithm. Whereas normal digital casino games outcomes are generated entirely by a Random Number Generator, provably fair games allow players to intervene in the process and insert a random number (which they can change if they wish) so the game outcome is truly random and can’t have been influenced by the casino.

Neat, right? This happens on every hand of blackjack, spin of a slot machine, or spin of the roulette wheel. However, the technology behind things like Bitcoin goes even further than this.

Since blockchains are essentially global distributed databases, and since nobody can alter them without consensus, a time-stamped entry for every hand or spin can be stored on-chain. These can’t be influenced by the casino and are publicly visible, meaning anyone can audit the same records and make sure they’re truly random and fair.

As the implications of this technology become fully apparent, casino gaming will be changed for the better on a permanent basis. There’s simply no way to cheat players out of their hard-earned money when everything is truly random and when they have the power to ensure the casino can’t control the outcome.


Are Provably Fair Games Available Today?

Yes, there are lots of casinos that offer Provably Fair Games right now. They’ve been available for several years now. However, regulated casinos in jurisdictions like the UK don’t typically offer them yet because regulations around blockchain technology and things like Bitcoin are still unclear.

This is a huge missed opportunity. It’s time for regulators to learn how this technology works and provide clear, concise guidance on how it can be used in various industries. Players lose millions to rogue casinos every year, and if Provably Fait technology was widely embraced by the industry, it would go a long way to eliminating this issue.

Once again, the iGaming industry needs to lead the way and show the world how this new technology can be used to change things for the better. We were at the forefront of the web, the new payment methods, and the mobile wave. We need to be at the forefront of this, too.

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