Macau gambling ban for casino staff

Macau gambling ban for casino staffReading Time: 2 minutes

The Macau government has submitted a bill that will, if approved, see local casino staff banned from gambling in any of the city’s casinos.

The measure aims to curb problem gambling among those employed at the city’s gambling venues.
Aside from table games dealers and workers tending to slot machines across casinos, people less directly involved with the actual gaming operations will, too, be barred from visiting gaming floors outside work hours, under the newly proposed legislation. Maintenance and security staff, employees at public relations areas, food and beverage staff, as well as workers at cashier’s offices will all not be admitted to any gaming floors outside their designated working hours.

Gaming operators in Macau already have conditions in their contracts that prevent staff from gambling on the premises. This new government bill would see a blanket ban introduced whereby any casino worker found to be on the premises of a local casino when not working would face fines ranging from $125 (£94) to $1,250 (£940).

Civil servants in the city are already denied access to the casino floor due to their professional duties. The only exception to this rule occurs for a short period over the Chinese New Year. A similar exception is expected to be included in the casino workers’ bill.

The bill also proposes fines of between $125 (£94) and $1,250 (£940) for anyone under the age of 21 found on a casino floor. And the casino itself is liable to a fined in the region of $1,250 (£940) to $62,500 (£47,000) if it allows anyone under the age of 21 onto the casino floor.

In addition, the bill gives the authorities the right to seize prize money won by people who are banned from the casino floor. It will also restrict the use of mobile phones and other smart devices in the vicinity of the gaming tables.

The new legislation is hoped to curb the temptation to gamble that casino staff members might experience as result from the fact that they are employed in the industry. According to experts, many of them believe they can beat the house due to their knowledge and experience.



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