New NRM smart technology harnesses finger print recognition

New NRM smart technology harnesses finger print recognitionReading Time: 1 minute

London, July 6, 2018 – NRM, one of the industry’s leading challenger technology companies, has harnessed the very latest advances in biometrics, to develop Flexi-Tan, an end to end customer engagement and management platform for use at in venue, kiosk tanning operations. Developed in collaboration with tanning business pioneer, William Clark, the NRM smart technology uses finger print recognition and, according to Managing Director, Andrew Ludlow, has applications across the gaming entertainment space, particularly in relation to compliance.

Explaining the background to the project, Andrew Ludlow said: “William came to NRM in early 2015 with a concept for an end to end management platform to be deployed in tanning, a sector in which he has enjoyed great success and in which he is rightly viewed as a pioneer and innovator. The development team at NRM is at its very best when presented with a challenge like this and I’m delighted that thousands of people hours down the line that we have a serious piece of technology that delivers a raft of tangible benefits, including age verification, membership management, marketing, customer tracking and compliance with all of the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements. We have developed the product for William and we work closely with him in its commercialisation and marketing.

He added: “At NRM we have a ‘whatever it takes’ philosophy and I’m extremely proud of the team for developing such a versatile piece of technology that has such a varied range of applications as we look outside its primary and original function.

Flexi-Tan is being made available to UK and international operators and is available on a number of finance options and purchase models.

Source: European Gaming Industry News

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