The present and the future of Online Bingo in the UK and beyond

The present and the future of Online Bingo in the UK and beyondReading Time: 2 minutes

For many people who are not involved in online gaming, Bingo is often associated with older generations. It is something many know from the movies or have heard stories about, but have never played. According to a British website Top Rated Bingo Sites, this perception about the game, in fact, might be out of touch with reality. The bingo industry analysis prepared by the website includes some statistics that show that the current trends in bingo usage promise a better future for the game.

The most staggering shift is in the demographics that use the online Bingo websites. Based on player survey, the percentage of bingo players between ages 18 and 34 has increased from 17% in 2015 to 32% in 2017. This shows that the younger generations are becoming more interested in the game and there is a whole new market opening up for Bingo which could lead to its comeback and popularization. Not only age but the gender distribution also seems to be shifting. Although women are still the clear majority when it comes to Bingo players, the share of men has increased by 7%. With various types of customers getting involved in the game, the providers see increased traffic and usage, which translates to more promotional activities for Bingo. As a result, it should not be surprising if the popularization of the game picks up the pace even more in the coming years.

What could be the reason for Bingo’s comeback?

There could be a perfectly reasonable explanation for why the game is making a sudden comeback. If it was necessary to go to a physical place in order to participate in the game before, nowadays most major UKGC regulated online gaming companies offer platforms for Bingo. Consequently, if the younger generation, who are used to doing such activities on their computers and mobile phones, was wary of the game before, now the Bingo has adapted to their needs as well. In the abovementioned report, statistics about what devices are used to play the game are also provided. As is shown, more than half of the who play Bingo use mobile phones to access the websites. It has been only recently that the smartphones became a ubiquitous tool that virtually everyone in the modern world owns. This could explain why the millennials are getting interested in the game that was thought to be the activity for the elderly before.

Users are also paying increasingly more attention to the interface and user experience. Providers are adapting to these demands and try to make the registration process as smooth and easy as possible. According to Top Rated Bingo Sites, most people reported that the complexity of the signing up process was what stopped them from completing their registration and starting to play Bingo. With new technologies, this process is becoming easier so the future outlook for the game is even better. In conclusion, the future of Bingo seems very bright with many development opportunities. The game can find a completely new market in new demographics and with tweaking some if the cumbersome registration procedures, it could become more attractive for many people.

Source: European Gaming Industry News

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