Officials in Riga to Shut Down Six Gambling Halls

Officials in Riga to Shut Down Six Gambling HallsReading Time: < 1 minute


On February 3, members of the Security, Public Order and Corruption Prevention Committee decided to approve the decision to annul the previously issued permits of six gambling halls, as confirmed by Riga City Council.

This means the gambling halls located on Parādes Street 5B, Rītupes Street 45, Lutriņu Street 1, Tallinas Street 85, Miera Street 111 and Akadēmiķa Mstislava Keldiša Street 20A will have to close down.

The reason given for this decision is that the location of said gambling halls does not meet Riga’s territorial planning. These venues are all located in residential areas or near Riga’s historic centre protection zone.

“Today’s vote proves the committee is unified in its views and able to work. The decision to annul the permits of six gambling halls was supported unanimously. I am happy with the result, considering the services offered by the gambling industry also include increased risks for invalids and society as a whole. Even the Constitutional Court admits the accessibility of gambling halls is a factor that contributes to gambling addiction. This factor can be prevented with restrictions,” Linda Ozola, chairperson of the Security, Public Order and Corruption Prevention Committee, said.

The issued permits to open gambling halls and organise gambling will expire in five years from the date of entry into force of Riga City Council’s decision on this matter.

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