Online Blackjack: Play Free blackjack Games vs real money blackjack


You can play free online Blackjack online if you’re new and don’t want to risk using real money right off the bat. It gives an idea about how online games work. You can practice online Blackjack by playing it for free and then head to playing with real money in an online casino.

The best part of free online Blackjack is you need to deposit any money. It helps you apply the strategy and master games. But you don’t get access to a lot of games or blackjack variants. Once you start playing online Blackjack for real money, you need to gamble on a limit without getting carried away.

Online Blackjack Pay-outs

Always go for blackjack sites with the best payouts. Ideally, they offer 3:2 or 2:1 payout. Some of the best online gambling websites offer 6:5 or 7:5 payouts. These sites offer a 1:1 payout, which is just not worth going for. Keep watch on such payout options and choose the right one. Check whether the website you’re signing up for is established and authentic before signing up.

Online Blackjack Game Live dealer Casino

You can choose to start playing free Blackjack games online or with a live dealer who is operating at a live casino. Live casinos are best, they are fun and offer a real casino vibe. They are way better than regular casinos. And you don’t have to worry about the live casinos being rigged. Sign up for a trusted website and check for the payment methods. You can win big with real money by applying the right blackjack strategy. Playing Blackjack online in live casinos can be super fun and immersive, where you can chat with a fellow player and the dealer behind the screen.

Tips to Play Online Blackjack Games

Here are some top tips for playing online blackjack games to increase the odds of winning. Keep these tricks in mind if you’re a novice gambler or a pro gambler. Use the best and right strategy when playing Blackjack games.

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  • Splitting two 10’s may not be a great idea. Especially when it comes to playing Blackjack online game, it’s a little tricky as you have to get the exact number 21. Try to split the cards of 8 because these cards give you a hand value of 16, and you might end up losing the game.
  • Double down when you get two 5’s. Splitting the two cards may not be the right choice. Since your hand value is 10 with two 5’s, it is possible to hit a Blackjack.
  • Stand when the dealer’s hand value is within 2 and 6 while your hand value is within 12 to 16. It gives an edge over the dealer and closer to hitting the Blackjack.
  • If your hand value is greater than 17 any time, stand. And if the value is 11 or less, it is better to take a hit. Odds of winning is higher with this approach.
  • Never buy insurance or go with the dealer while playing blackjack games online. It doesn’t help you win big.
  • It is advisable to keep a time-frame and limit how much you would gamble before playing free Blackjack games.
  • Unlike quite a few gambling games where it works with guesses, Blackjack game involves strategy. Know the approach and the right tactics before diving in to play. Blackjack is not a pure game of chance, and you should know the basic rules well.
  • When signing up for new websites, use all the welcome bonuses as you sign up. Making a deposit without using these bonuses may not help you win big.
  • Placing a bet based on your previous wins and losses is a flawed approach. Never depend on it. Check for the cards in hand and make the right move.
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