Paf company signed new deal as amusement games supplier

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The Nordic gaming company Paf has founded the Game Room company that specialises in amusement games in different formats and categories. The company has signed a deal to deliver amusement games to the shopping centre Redi in Helsinki.

Game Room is a company that focuses solely on amusement and entertainment games. The company was founded by Paf to resell Paf’s concept of amusement games aimed at all ages.

“Paf has for a long time been very good at amusement games because it is part of our physical game offering. Game Room takes that knowledge to the next level and broadens our current offering by providing complete amusement gaming solutions,” says Lasse Danielsson, Chief Operating Officer of Land & Ship.

Game Room Amusement Ab offers and develops all forms of physical amusement games, including racing games, sports games, VR games, claw machines, action games and interactive games such as air hockey.

“We have a clear objective to grow in the entertainment and amusement games industry. We are actively looking for new opportunities both on land and sea. We will invest heavily in this in the future, which will also be noticeable on board the ships where we have already established the concept,” says Lasse Danielsson.
Cooperation with shopping centre in Helsinki

Game Room has recently started a cooperation with Pikseli, which is located inside the Redi shopping centre in Helsinki. Pikseli already offers several variants of virtual reality games in their premises.

“We are really pleased that Pikseli has chosen to start a cooperation with us. We will deliver a nice overall concept with a good variety and range of gaming machines, says Malin From, Product Manager at Paf.

The amusement games from Game Room will be installed and available in Pikseli within the first quarter of 2024.

“We look forward to working with Game Room for our Pikseli store in Helsinki. We want to expand our business and offer more forms of games to customers, which we now have the opportunity to do,” says Jan Hursti, CEO and founder of Pikseli.

“We will install ten different amusement games in their premises in the Redi shopping centre. Thereafter, we will also be able to assist with ongoing service and updates,” says Jannik Svahnström, Head of New Sales at Paf.

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