Paf Employees got to donate 100k

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The Paf Employee 100k Good Cause Initiative

The Nordic gaming company Paf gave all employees the opportunity to donate €100,000, which was distributed among various good causes and initiatives. The employees’ nominations and their final vote determined the choice of causes.

Paf’s purpose is to generate funds for the benefit of society, the annual profits are distributed in the form of Paf funds to various social, environmental, youth, sports, cultural associations etc. This year, Paf gave employees the opportunity to donate €100,000 to good causes.

“We wanted to give employees a direct opportunity to influence where a sum of money should go. It is an initiative that is outside of Paf’s normal mission, but it is very close to our basic purpose,” says Paf’s CEO Christer Fahlstedt.

Employees nominated and voted
All employees were given the opportunity to nominate initiatives that they consider to be good, and then everyone voted for one of the initiatives. The employee votes determined the distribution of the money to the different charity options.

“It is important that everyone who works at Paf really feels that our main purpose is different and that it is something worth working for. At the same time, we all had the opportunity to end the year with a nice gesture,” says Christer Fahlstedt.

The distribution of €100,000
The distribution of the employee vote determined which causes received a donation and the size of the donation. The two options that received the most votes were two unifying initiatives focusing on children with cancer and aid to Ukraine.

1. €26.000 Causes for Children with cancer & 26.000€ Causes for Ukraina

3. €10.000 Causes for Animals

4. €8.500 Lielas rūpes par mazajiem

5. €7.000 FLICKA

6. €6.000 Talita & 6.000€ Project Liv

8. €4.000 Causes for the Environment & €4.000 Engineers Without Borders

10. €1.250 WFP – Palestine Emergency Appeal & €1.250 Better Shelter

Most votes – top 3

Causes for Children with Cancer goes to

Barncancerfonden, Sweden, which wants to eradicate childhood cancer.

Juegaterapia Foundation, Spain, play therapy for children with cancer

Kingitud Elu, Estonia, supporting parents of children with cancer

Little Princess Trust, UK, providing real wigs for children with cancer

Causes for Ukraine goes to

Operation Aid, a Swedish organisation delivering supplies to Ukraine

Pro Ukraine, a Finnish organisation and their project to build stoves for civilians in Ukraine.

Hospitallers, a Ukrainian organisation for volunteer paramedics.

Causes for Animals goes to

SEY Suomen Eläinsuojelu, Finland, helps and protects animals in Finland.

RMJ Horse Rescue, Malta, rehabilitates and cares for horses.

Nominations and voting were not open to organisations or initiatives that already receive Paf funds. Paf has distributed over €416 million in Paf funds since 1966. In spring 2023, Paf was able to distribute €33.1 million for the benefit of society.

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