Paf Recruits Students from Grit:lab

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Paf hires eight students from the grit:lab tech programme. After only 18 months of study, grit:lab can deliver competent developers. The programme is now accepting new applicants.

The tech training programme grit:lab is a pioneering training method that was launched in Åland in 2022 by Paf together with Ålands Yrkesgymnasium. About ten tech companies have hired students directly from the tech programme after only 18 months of study. Paf has hired eight of the students.

“The tech programme’s campus is located in our head office, which gives us a natural connection to the students and a good knowledge of the skills they have acquired. Paf has a strong focus on tech development and a need for new hires, the students from grit:lab have given us a good opportunity for new recruitment,” Daniela Johansson, Deputy CEO and CRO of Paf, said.

Of the 60 students who are now on the programme, several have already started getting jobs at Åland tech companies. During the last 6 months of studies, students are given the opportunity to specialise in a particular subject such as cyber security, AI & machine learning, mobile development or by working as a developer at a company in Åland.

“The fact that many of the students have already managed to get a job is clear proof that the level of knowledge they have achieved in just 18 months is in demand in the tech cluster we have in Åland,” Anna-Lena Svenblad, Director of grit:lab, said.

Axel Wallström and Tommy Mathisen are two of the students who have found employment at Paf.

“You can’t say that we haven’t learnt a lot at grit:lab. It has been tough and intense at times but also really fun. Getting a job has always been my ultimate goal, so I’m looking forward to starting work,” Axel Wallström said.

“The best part of grit:lab is the community in the group, it’s special and we have learnt a lot from each other,” Tommy Mathiesen said.

Julia Chipsanova said it is especially good that the companies have set up trainee positions for new employees because many companies usually look for people with a few years of experience. Julia is looking forward to working at Paf.

“We have studied here at Paf’s head office, so we know how the work process at Paf works. This job is a great start for me and I can also see that all of us in grit:labs are doing really well,” Julia Chipsanova said.

The tech programme is currently accepting new students for the autumn of 2024. There has been great interest from foreign nationals.

“We currently have applications from over 70 different countries. The programme has proven to have the potential to really attract and integrate driven people from other countries,” Anna-Lena Svenblad said.

The grit:lab programme is open to anyone who is at least 18 years old. Many of the students have completely changed careers when they started their studies at grit:lab. The average age of students is 30 years. No prior knowledge of coding is required to apply but an interest in tech and a willingness to learn something new is essential.

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