Polygoons Inc. Announces the Launch of its Advanced Augmented Reality Game

Polygoons Inc. Announces the Launch of its Advanced Augmented Reality GameReading Time: 1 minute

STAMFORD, Connecticut, August, 2018 — Polygoons Inc. announces the launch of its immersive, augmented reality, mobile platform, action game in the Apple store.
Polygoons is an FPS game in augmented reality, where the player takes a robotic avatar and saves the world from an army of evil Polygoons.

Polygoons is a free download from the iOS store and works on Apple phones models – 6S or newer.

Steve Chainani, Founder and CEO, Polygoons, reported, “Polygoons Inc. is committed to creating a range of augmented reality gaming experiences that truly redefine the meaning of gaming. Polygoons builds motor skills and coordination while improving concentration and focus. We believe children and adults can find entertainment value as well as build mental acuity, all while having fun, anywhere, anytime. The game is played in-situ, in the immediate physical environment of the player. It’s more than a bit addictive.”

“I’m delighted to be a part of the Polygoons team. Steve’s vision for Polygoons to be a worldwide, high profit margin entertainment-education platform folds nicely into my vision,” opined Harrison Turner, CFO.

Chait Hiremath, Founder and CTO who leads the technology team, reported, “We’ve pioneered some advanced software concepts into Polygoons and will continue to innovate with new gaming products that are targeted at audiences from ages 10 to retirement and beyond. Additionally, our gaming technology can be private labelled for consumer products companies that want their own branded game featuring their products. The engagement with the consumer will far exceed anything currently available in the advertising realm. We are planning to release one new game each month, after completing our funding round.”


About Polygoons:
Polygoons is an innovative, entrepreneurial start-up, with pioneering best-of-breed, gaming technology. Polygoons is based in Connecticut and has a development lab in India.


Source: Polygoons Inc.

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