PUBG Finland partners with Challengermode to simplify their grassroots PUBG efforts

PUBG Finland partners with Challengermode to simplify their grassroots PUBG effortsReading Time: 2 minutes


Leading global esports platform Challengermode will be the home of this year’s “PSL Elisa Esports PUBG Autumn Showdown” as well as the “Winter Challenge” – organized by PUBG Finland. This partnership will provide all PUBG players with the opportunity to compete in high-level tournaments and win prize money, with Challengermode’s streamlined and automated tournament solution enabling PUBG Finland staff to focus on their high-level event production.

PSL will be hosting tournaments on Challengermode’s platform with prizes of 500 EUR every week. Each tournament will consist of a massive open qualifier on day 1, where the best teams advance into the second day to win a share of the prize pool. The top 4 teams each week will also qualify for a special Monthly Final with a larger prizepool of 1000 EUR up for grabs. All matches will be played with the SUPER scoring system with which PUBG players are familiar.

Winners of the Monthly Finals will also secure a spot in PSL Season 10, where the best EMEA-teams will compete for a 15 000 EUR prize pool over seven rounds of non-stop PUBG action. Any players engaging with PSL through the Challengermode platform will also be able to unlock even more competitions to compete in weekly subscriber-only tournaments that boast their own prize pools and guarantee top-level competition.

Phil Hubner, CBDO of Challengermode: “Tournaments like the PSL Elisa Esports PUBG Autumn Showdown & Winter Challenge are at the very heart of what Challengermode supports as a business. The grassroots and amateur levels of competition in the esports space are the industry’s lifeblood and giving players the opportunity to play in a professional environment and compete for prizes is essential to its growth and continued success. It has been rewarding to see our platform’s automation and scalability be put to the best possible use with PUBG Finland, as it helps them make esports more accessible to all.”

Matti Korvenmaa, Development Manager at PUBG Finland: “PUBG Finland and PSL have always been about creating new opportunities and finding optimal ways of exploring them. When we saw Challengermode’s latest developments on their platform, we immediately knew that they have taken technological leadership amongst PUBG esport platforms. They enable us to do things which simply were not possible for us before. For tournament organizers they provide unmatched features together with important high-level support for our staff, which can now focus on core elements of our operations instead of technical details.”

Contenders can sign-up on the Challengermode platform, with the first round taking place today. All Weekly tournament finals and monthly finals will be broadcast. Challengermode will also be hosting the PSL Elisa Esports PUBG Winter Challenge, beginning on 27/09/2021, with a winner being crowned on 06/11/2021.

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