Residents extend their back up for Liberation carnival than gambling

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Paul McDonald, Mayor Agana Heights disclosed that gambling attractions were the supreme  reason why most people attend the Liberation carnival. While several  residents said the contrary. McDonald said the lack of any gambling may mean no Liberation carnival this year.

However, Remy Chargualaf, 60, a resident of Tamuning, said to think of the children who go to the carnival to enjoy the experience. “It’s our island tradition,” Chargualaf said. “It’s about enjoying the festivities, a place to bring the family.”

When children grow up, it’s an experience that they’re going to talk about to future generations, Chargualaf added.

Curtis Lunod, 31, a resident of Yigo, said gambling was a small portion of what fascinated  most people. He also said it wasn’t a problem because the gambling booths were separated from the other attractions. Lunod said the carnival is not  what used to be.

“It’s nostalgic to see the same attractions for the last 20 years. It was a cultural tradition to go there as a kid,” Lunod added. He said organizers should improve or update carnival rides so younger generations get to experience it as well.

Brandon Carbullido, 19, resident of Santa Rita, said the carnival is a great way to spend time with the family.

“Kids enjoy the carnival, especially during the summer,” Carbullido said.

Anthony Torres, 31, who lives in Mangilao, said the gambling attractions cater to adults. Torres, who’s worked in the tourism industry for 15 years, said food stalls would attract more to the carnival.

People go to the carnival for different reasons, said Anthony Tornito, a 24-year-oldresident of Dededo. He said he’s indifferent to gambling at the carnival.

“Most people go for the food and have other reasons to why they go to the carnival,” he said.

Jarvis Renales, 56, said although gambling attractions may be part of the reason people haven’t attended the carnival, he said he goes to the carnival for tradition and wants to see the integration of cultures through the different attractions.

The Tamuning resident said there should be more attractions that showcase more of Guam’s culture.

“The children like going to the carnival for the rides, but we should also put booths to learn why we’re celebrating Liberation,” Renales said.

“Gambling is not the reason why most people go to the carnival,” said Camaron Salas.

The 39-year-old Mangilao resident noted the changes in carnival locations, and that the price of carnival attractions have gone up.

“The carnival isn’t what it used to be,” Salas said.

Luke Tedtaotao of Chalan Pago said gambling attractions aren’t necessary and organizers should improve on carnival attractions.

Tedtaotao, 50, said if organizers had used the funding from the gambling to go toward rides and other carnival attractions, it may have been fine.

“The rides now are old and obsolete,” Tedtaotao said.”They need to upgrade their attractions and change the location to attract more tourists as well.”


Source: European Gaming Industry News

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