Sign ups to free casinos is on the rise, particularly in this country

Sign ups to free casinos is on the rise, particularly in this country
Sign ups to free casinos is on the rise, particularly in this countryReading Time: 2 minutes


If you thought that free casino sign up deals are a thing of the past, you might want to think again.

While lockdown rules are still in place and people are confined to their homes by draconian rules, the time spent online is now much more than ever before. This of course is good for the online casino industry which is seeing its great days.

However, the deals and bonus offers are endless, and it works the following way. After you discovered a promo that comes with an initial free deposit, all you need to do to claim it is to create an account.

Register, provide a code if necessary, and you shall receive your offer. The bonus will be activated as soon as you confirmed the account.

We have browsed online to find where these free casinos have attracted more players and we found the rise of registrations on free casinos in the FIN market (which you can read more about here) has been the most interesting one.

The Finnish gaming industry is one of the fastest growing in the global gaming market with an average growth rate of 45%. In 2016, the Finnish gaming industry set a record-high turnover of 2.5 billion euros. The share of Finnish mobile game development was roughly 7% of the global revenue of 35 billion.

While in 2017 the turnover decreased a bit to 2.36 billion Euros, Finland still remained one of the three biggest game developers in Europe with the gaming revenue being the worlds highest in relation to population.

In Finland, gaming is an old tradition. For decades, Finns had their Saturday ritual. They would have a sauna, then watch the lottery draws on tv. They would never feel bad about losing, because they knew that the gaming proceeds would be channelled to good causes. Things have changed a bit, but gambling, like voting, is still widely considered a civic duty.

Nowadays, around a third of adults gamble every week.

While Finland regulates plenty of online casinos where you can play your favorite casino games online, there are plenty of Finland free online casinos, where you can try free games.

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