Spillemyndigheden: Input is wanted for the Money Laundering Secretariat’s indicators for money laundering and terrorist financing

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The Danish Gambling Authority calls on the gambling industry to provide input to the Money Laundering Secretariat’s indicators for money laundering and terrorist financing on GoAML.

When making a notification via GoAML, indicators must be selected. The indicators are an aid to those subject to notification and to the Money Laundering Secretariat, so that potential money laundering and terrorist financing can be better identified. At present, the “money laundering through gambling” indicator can be selected if the notification relates to gambling.

On the basis that the gambling industry has expressed a desire for more relevant indicators, the Danish Gambling Authority has been in dialogue with the Money Laundering Secretariat. The Money Laundering Secretariat has indicated that they will accept proposals for more indicators relating to money laundering through gambling.

The Danish Gambling Authority therefore encourages the industry to provide input on which indicators are desired in GoAML.

How can you provide input?

If you wish to provide input, you can send this to the Danish Gambling Authority at [email protected] before 5 February 2024. Please write “Input for indicators” in the subject field.

The Danish Gambling Authority will then forward the proposals to the Money Laundering Secretariat, which will assess whether the proposals can be implemented.

It should be noted that the indicators used in GoAML should not be confused with the Money Laundering Secretariat’s indicator list, which is a list of conditions that may give rise to consider whether it may be money laundering or terrorist financing.
The Money Laundering Secretariat’s indicator list can be found on the Prosecution Service’s website (only available in Danish).

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