TRON and vSport Establish Strategic Partnership, New Era for Soccer Blockchain

TRON and vSport Establish Strategic PartnershipReading Time: 3 minutes

TRON and vSport recently sealed a strategic partnership , where both parties agreed to share resources, collaborate on technical challenges , deliver premium content, build communities, and expand their reach. The two companies will work together to make blockchain technology more commonplace in the sports industry, while developing the soccer industry’s blockchain ecosystem.
TRON is the world’s largest blockchain-based dApp OS and aims to decentralize the Web by building the necessary infrastructure.

The TRON Protocol, one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, offers scalable, high-availability, and high-throughput support that serves as the foundation for all decentralized applications in the TRON ecosystem. Developers can use the TRON Protocol and virtual machine to develop apps for themselves or the community, use smart contracts for crowd funding, and issue digital assets. DApps like CallMe, Uplive,, Kitty Live, and Mico are currently operated on the TRON Protocol, with more than 100M monthly active users from over 100 countries and regions.

Registered in Singapore, vSport is a blockchain project under Sports Value Foundation, which was cofounded by Internet/AI entrepreneur Qiang Bai and soccer star Wesley Sneijder. vSport is the world’s first fully open, non-profit, blockchain-powered platform specifically designed for the sports industry. The project’s founding partners include world’s largest sports social media powerhouse 433 (headquartered in the Netherlands) and China’s largest youth sports platform Sport8. vSport is working to build a sports ecosystem, not only through cross-chain partnerships to establish a soccer ecosystem, but also by forming alliances with leading companies in smart wearables, national team nutritionists, authorized distributors at the World Cup, and world-class payment systems. Through these efforts, vSport created a blockchain community with a massive amount of traffic: 30 million fans around the world, and 15 million supporters in China. vSport expects to launch a sports value assessment algorithm and a transaction platform in the future.

TRON’s founder Justin Sun said, “Soccer is the biggest sport in the world. It has the largest fan base, and the community has always had a keen sense and great enthusiasm for new things. Combining soccer, and even sports in general, with blockchain technology will effectively expand community support for blockchain. This will provide people with an enhanced experience of blockchain and even change their lifestyles. That’s what we are going for with this TRON/vSport partnership. Qiang Bai is a successful serial web-entrepreneur and is also a diehard soccer fan. Qiang has always sought to promote soccer. Then we have Wesley Sneijder, who not only helped the Netherlands dominate the field, but also has spearheaded soccer-related projects off the field. As a fast learner that embraces blockchain technology, it’s likely that Wesley will completely change the structure of the soccer ecosystem through this initiative. TRON very much looks forward to this partnership.

Regarding the alliance, vSport cofounder Qiang Bai says, “With sports models of the past, it is hard for fans to get rewards in exchange for their enthusiasm and contributions, which causes serious imbalance in the value structure. Collaborating with TRON allows us to join forces with another strong company, leveraging our soccer and sports resources to solve difficult soccer and sports industry-related issues. We will work together to build and nurture a healthy soccer and sports ecosystem. I believe this will be a great way to give back to soccer fans around the world.

The 2018 Russia World Cup will kick off on June 14th, putting soccer in the global limelight once again. According to sources, TRON and vSport will work together on a blockchain-based soccer results forecasting platform, providing an all new, better quality soccer watching and entertainment experience. vSport will also join forces with various ecosystem partners to create the first blockchain football World Cup.

Source: TronLabs


Source: European Gaming Industry News

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