Update of the Danish Gambling Authority’s Anti-Money Laundering Guidance

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The Danish Gambling Authority has published a revised version of the Danish Gambling Authority’s Guidance on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (the Anti-Money Laundering Guidance).

The guidance is aimed at gambling operators, their employees and other relevant stakeholders. The guidance is a supplement to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s Guidance on the Act on Preventive Measures against Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.

The guidance has been circulated for consultation with a number of external stakeholders prior to publication.

Linguistic adjustments have been made throughout the Anti-Money Laundering Guidance as well as substantive changes in particular in section 3 on risk assessment, section 4 on policies, procedures and controls and section 6 on customer due diligence procedures. With the update, more examples have been added to illustrate the rules better.

The updated Anti-Money Laundering Guidance contains a version history where it is possible to familiarise yourself with the changes in the specific sections.

The consultation has resulted in the Danish Gambling Authority preparing a new guidance on the Danish Gambling Authority’s AML Inspections. The content of the Guidance on AML Inspections is not new, as it contains information that previously appeared in the Anti-Money Laundering Guidance. The Guidance on AML Inspections contain information on the Danish Gambling Authority’s inspection, including the possibilities for reaction and confidentiality. With Guidance on AML Inspections, the Danish Gambling Authority’s tasks have thus been separated from the obligations that gambling operators must fulfil under the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

The Anti-Money Laundering Guidance will be updated on an ongoing basis in line with changes to the Anti-Money Laundering Act, when new national risk assessments are published and in cases of new or changed practice.

Each update will be announced on the website, and the version number on the front page of the guidance will be adjusted so that it is visible that a new version has been released.

The Anti-Money Laundering Guidance and the Guidance on the Danish Gambling Authority’s AML Inspections are available via the menu “Businesses and Associations”, “Prevention of Money Laundering” and “Guidances”.

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