Utah Senator outlined his push for legalized sports betting

Utah Senator outlined his push for legalized sports bettingReading Time: 1 minute

US Senator Orrin Hatch (Utah) has indicated that he will soon introduce a new sports betting bill that would attempt federal regulation of the industry. The Senator mentioned that the bill would provide protections for several segments of the sports betting industry.

“Parts of the legislation I will be proposing are improvements in monitoring and enforcement that will benefit all stakeholders, sportsbooks, regulators, governing bodies and consumers,” commented Hatch on the Senate floor late last week. Senator Hatch insisted that he is interested in maintaining the integrity of the game, just as he was when his original bill was passed.

Although, back in 1992 Hatch was in favour of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, which prohibited states from offering sports betting. The ban was finally overturned by the Supreme Court this past May, but prevented the whole country, except Nevada, from benefiting from the gambling modality.

Before the Senator will retire in next year in January, he is looking to impact the sports betting discussions by introducing a bill that would have major restrains, instead of highlighting the benefits that it could bring to a state that is significantly increasing its sports offering, with new franchises opening in national sports leagues, like the NWSL.

The Congress is set to stop its activities on September 3rd when lawmakers will go on vacation and as a break is necessary because the midterm elections are approaching. After the elections, there will be some time for Congress to discuss its final issues.


Source: Focus Gaming News

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