Veikkaus Dismisses Reports of €11B Turnover

Veikkaus Dismisses Reports of €11B TurnoverReading Time: 1 minute


Finnish gambling monopoly Veikkaus has rejected the media reports which claimed that the players in Finland have wagered €11 billion on the operator’s gambling machines.

The reports of higher spending on gambling machines saw critics pointing out at Veikkaus’s inefficiency in controlling gambling addiction. However, the gambling operator dismissed all such reports and said that it misrepresents the actual sales figures. The company said that its turnover for 2018 was about €840.3 million which is far from €11 billion according to the media reports.

Regina Sippel, CFO of Veikkaus, said the media’s figures also included the winnings of the players that were then wagered once more without being withdrawn.

The first six months of 2019 have not been great for the state-run Finnish Gambling monopoly Veikkaus. It has been embroiled in controversies and had been facing criticisms for being lax in implementing social responsibility measures.