Well dressed pushers can drive income by up to 30% state RLMS

Well dressed pushers can drive income by up to 30% state RLMSReading Time: 2 minutes

The value of having a well dressed pusher has been put into sharp focus with research undertaken by RLMS showing a substantial cash box lift, in some cases of up to 30%. The company, which has exclusive UK distribution rights to the Bulldog Games brand of pushers and redemption equipment launched to huge acclaim at January’s EAG, believe the skill and insight of operators is helping to make centrepiece attractions such as the eight player Deal or No Deal into amongst the top earning products on an FEC floor.

RLMS Sales Executive Freddie Shreeve, who has been heavily involved in the sales drive behind the Bulldog range, says the combination of high quality British engineered product and the expertise of seaside operators is a winning combination. He explained: “There’s absolutely no doubt that dressing a pusher to suit the motivations and interests of the customer base is a great skill and one which has a direct impact on cash in box.

He continued: “From the time I’ve spent with the Bulldog Range at a large number of coastal resorts, it’s clear that UK operators have an encyclopaedic knowledge of their customers built up over many years. Not only do operators have a deep understanding of the psychology of playing but they also require an up to the minute knowledge of trends, tastes and fashions. It’s a precise set of skills that illustrate how well seaside businesses know their customers.

The Bulldog brand, which recently reported Q1 sales 86 percent ahead of forecasts, is being made available by RLMS on a revenue share option that enables operators to share in the cash box of the industry’s newest pusher and redemption brand through to the completion of the October half term holidays. The shares option makes the brand accessible to the widest possible number of operators. Manufactured in the UK, the Bulldog brand is backed by a detailed after sales and technical support service to keep machine downtime to a minimum.

Source: European Gaming Industry News

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