Why are the Nordics home to the world’s best casino game studios?


Casino gaming has been a popular pastime for decades. The proliferation of online operators, however, is a relatively new situation that allows players from vastly different geographical locations to experience the same popular developers. Invariably, many of these casino game studios are located in Nordic countries such as Norway and Finland. Why is this region home to some of the world’s best casino game developers?

In this article, we take a look at the Nordics and some of the factors that have made it a healthy home for global gambling.

Public support

Unlike other Western markets, the Nordic countries are full of citizens who appreciate gambling. Between 60% and 80% of the cumulative population have gambled in one form or another over a period of 12 months. Finland and Iceland lead the charge here, with 80% and 76%, respectively, of their citizens engaging with casino games or other gambling activities over that timeframe.

The widespread support for casino gaming in the Nordics has naturally led to companies based in the region developing more games with diverse concepts to keep pace with the growing industry. This is one of the reasons why the providers in the area are so well developed. They know that they have a profitable home in the Nordics and are less concerned about taking risks than other developers based in different, less amenable locations.

Widening market

As online gambling becomes more popular globally, providers from Nordic countries are able to expand their monopoly into other regions. Swedish live gaming great Evolution is a common sight at online operators around the worlds is Swedish slots developer Quickspin, which has developed some of the industry’s most popular titles. Visit Quickspincasinos.com for more information about this prolific developer!

As online gambling increases in commonality, existing monopolies and successful providers can reach into new markets to better establish their dominance. Given the public support for gambling present in many of the Nordic countries, developers with a long-standing history in the industry are more likely to have the funds and security needed to expand into different markets than newer companies or those based in societies that frown upon gambling.

Increasing hold on the industry worldwide

The above sections have discussed why Nordic countries are home to some of the most prolific and successful online gambling providers in the world, but it is also important to discuss what ensures future success.

Because countries such as Sweden are already home to popular gambling gaming leaders, as the market grows globally and new markets are ready for exciting and consist high-quality titles, it makes sense that the region with incredible past growth would expand their hold even further. These developers have experience with the logistics of growing their player base and are better able to take advantage of the opportunities now presented than more recently established providers.

Why exactly is the Nordics home to some of the industry’s most popular casino game studios? The answer comes down to a strong domestic player base combined with a healthy revenue and plenty of experience that allows developers to successfully grow their business into other markets.

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