Why Lithuanians love playing on mobile devices and tablets


Mobile gaming has certainly taken over the gaming industry in Lithuania. As a matter of fact, more Lithuanians now play on their smartphones and tablets than any other device. Even so, the continued rise in mobile gaming is not expected to slow down as more sophisticated mobile gaming apps continue to pour into the Lithuanian market. Dive deeper into the article and discover what has lead to this trend. Also, explore why mobile gaming is set to overtake PC and land-based gaming.

Ground-breaking mobile technology

Over the last decade, mobile technology has seen untold advancements. From 4G/5G connectivity and artificial intelligence to better Wi-Fi standards, mobile technology has only gotten better. Moreover, the affordability and easy access to smartphones by even the most marginalized has also contributed to this rise. With each generation of smartphones getting more advanced and processors even faster, mobile gaming is getting more realistic and irresistible to the masses.

Easy accessibility

Apart from advancements in technology, the easy accessibility to games that comes with mobile devices takes the golden trophy. With a gaming library whenever and wherever Lithuanians can practically play anywhere. While most players play for real money, there is also a growing trend in gaming for fun. This has been sparked by the rise of free online games and demo versions in most casinos. In addition, with mobile gaming players have the option to play on their mobile browsers or download mobile gaming apps.

Extensive gaming options

With the gaming industry now worth billions more and more Lithuanian developers are regularly expanding their offerings. Apart from this, developers are in a rush to bring innovations to the market. This has seen a sizeable gaming library for players to enjoy. Even classics such as bingo are emerging more polished as bingo slots online with enhanced graphics and themes. As for modern games, the mechanics are constantly improving with sequels being released yearly.

The rise of mobile driven services

In the past decade, most industries aside from the gaming industry have been striving to move services to mobile phones. The finance sector especially has benefited from moving its services to mobile devices. Now more than ever most payments are made using phones. As such players, who are into real money gambling can easily prompt payments using their phones while placing their wagers using the same. Mobile payment providers have also invested in security measures making this form of payment very popular and trustworthy.

Increased online casinos

Today, it is practically impossible for Lithuanian players to miss out on a casino best suited for them. The internet is flooded with online casinos that are optimized for mobile use. In addition, there are thousands of gaming apps to be downloaded by gaming enthusiasts. The gaming library on these sites is sizeable enough to befit new players as well as seasoned players. When it comes to payment options, diverse methods are provided to make it easy to fund casino accounts in euros.

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