Gambling enterprise up in Italy

Gambling enterprise up in ItalyReading Time: 1 minute

Last year the gambling enterprise in Italy has seen a huge rise in operations as around 17 million people played at least once.
A study undertaken by the Pisa branch of national research council CNR highlighted that gambling activities are on serious hike in Italy. Whilst the number of those who gambled at least once has seen a serious rise, activities among underaged has dropped.

The CNR study also reportd that the number of people who gambled at least once in 2017 is around 17 million these number in 2014 was only around 10 million people. ANSA reported that approximately one million people were aged 15-19, down from the 1.4 million people that gambled at least once in 2014. This number being much higher in South Italy.

Last week it was reported that at least 80 online gambling firms passed the initial scrutiny of Italy’s gambling regulator Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM). PokerStars, Videoslots, Lottomatica, bet365 and Luckia are some of the operators that applied for a gaming licence in Italy. Italy’s iGaming market currently features 45 gaming operators that have extended licences after they expired two years ago.

Another 47 companies have licences until the end of 2022. If the 80 licences get the necessary approvals, Italy would have a total of 172 licensees.


Source: European Gaming Industry News

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