Ganapati Group opens its blockchain subsidiary

Ganapati Group opens its blockchain subsidiaryReading Time: 2 minutes

The Ganapati PLC is expanding by registering another subsidiary that will use blockchain technologies to increase consumer loyalty, profitability and total financial capital reserves for growth.

Given the novelty of blockchain technologies and the need to protect private and institutional investors, Ganapati has appointed two lawyers as their CO-CEOs from Japan and Malta of the new subsidiary called GanaEight Coin Limited to ensure complete legality and compliance in developing the blockchain-focused part of the Group.

With this expansion into a new market, the Ganapati Group aims to increase its capital reserves with $3 million to $100 million that would be invested into the development of new games and increasing the use of existing ones.

Hayato Terai and Dr. Kristina Deguara, both certified lawyers in Japan and Malta respectively have assumed the posts as Co-CEOs of the subsidiary called GanaEight Coin Limited, the legal entity that will create digital loyalty cards in the form of tokens that users would be able to trade or use to obtain services from the new subsidiary.

Ganapati Group is building on its past success in order to launch itself into an even greater future with GanaEight Coin Limited, the dynamic platform that is expected to increase the number of users of Ganapati’s products, increase capital reserves via a token generation event and open a new, promising market.

Through this new venture, The Ganapati Group intends to facilitate a successful and steady development of the token generation event (TGE) and position itself at the forefront of the industry in the interest of the gamers, investors and all other stakeholders.

About Ganapati:

Ganapati is an international company comprising game studios, media platforms and production companies,
with offices in London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Malta, Estonia, Taiwan, Curaçao.

Ganapati was established in December 2013 by experienced and visionary entrepreneurs from across the globe. Our mission is to utilise the expertise of our global network, from entertainment and film to music and animation, combined with Japanese design, gripping storytelling and cutting edge technology to supply the iGaming market with compelling, immersive content.


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