Russia’s Most Visited Online Bookmakers

Russia's Most Visited Online BookmakersReading Time: 2 minutes

Betting Business Russia has published an analysis of the online traffic for the most popular bookmakers’ websites. The analysis shows us the traffic of bookmakers’ domains operating in Russia.

As for May this year, 15 betting companies offered online betting in the Russian Federation. In order to find out which of them were the most popular among Russian Internet users, the journalists of Betting Business Russia analyzed the statistics of visits of the websites of these companies using SimilarWeb.

SimilarWeb is an online service that allows you to analyze Internet traffic by regions and topics, identify key players in a particular field of activity, and channels for their promotion. The ranking of bookmakers was built on the basis of the total online traffic.

Domain visits,         millions                  5,89              5,74                 2,82           2,62           2,10                1,99                      1,37                 1,19      0,73         0,43                 0,41                    0,27                  0,18               0,10 0,08

In May, domain was ranked first. Traffic of this bookmaker grew by almost 5% in May and amounted to 5.89 million visits. The part of Russian users is 87.84%. Most often (60.81%) users made a direct visit to the website.

The 2nd place belongs to Its traffic equals to 5.74 million visits. Russian audience of the website is 96.24% of the total traffic. Most often (43.78%) users made a direct visit to the website.

The third place went to, which previously was not ranked among the top five. Total traffic as for May increased by almost 40% and amounted to 2.82 million visits. Russian audience – 84.17%, most often (43.78%) users made a direct visit to the website – 60.47%. is on the fourth place. The total number of visits increased by 12% and amounted to 2.33 million. The main audience is Russian users (92.72%).

The fifth place belongs to the domain Online traffic of the bookmaker in May amounted to 2.10 million visits. The Russian audience is 89.34%. The largest number of visits came from online advertising – 53.31%.



Source: European Gaming Industry News

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